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sales team evaluation
ITC WS consultants support their clients’ sales and customer service teams through developing selling , account management and related skills . This is accomplished through the creation and delivery of training programmes and related consultancy interventions.

Nationally and internationally we work in house and each programme is tailored to the client’s specific situation , the demands of the market and the team .

* We train sales professionals to uncover and understand their customers’ business drivers before focusing upon product needs .

* We train sales professionals to build customer confidence through presenting solutions which are customer centred on value based benefits.

* We train sales professionals to drive the sale and negotiate a close which benefits both parties.

* Sales team evaluation ;
* Psychometrics ;
* Active Learning ;
* Facilitated Learning ;
* Individual / group coaching ;

* Creating a sales culture
* Selling customer benefits
* Persuasive retail communication

Leadership Development

Communication Management
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training sales professionals