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Leadership management

When it comes to execution, initiatives aimed at the development, globally or internationally, of sales and other customer facing teams (and their leaders ), often present a challenge.

Why ?
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ITC WS Consultants work on sales and leadership development assignments locally in their own country ; they deliver development programmes as part of an international team and lead on international projects when required.

Yet business leaders and managers responsible at a global level for sales , marketing , customer service and learning and development continue to look for synergy and consistency but ignore the value of leveraging local diversity.

Consistent outcomes matter more than uniform methodology ,frameworks and schedules.

At ITC World Solutions we work with our clients to design global and international training interventions which deliver long term , lasting results . Our people are mature business men and women who know , understand and work in their local business culture . They understand the business climate , the specifics of national and regional culture , the expectations of their clients’ customers and how local people will respond to the training and its objectives.

We can design and deliver a development project that will achieve your goals.
Working together we can deliver measurable results .

How ?

By building frameworks which can then be tailored to match local requirements in Milan , in Singapore , in Amsterdam , in Paris , in Helsinki , in London…We live there !

Let’s look at some recent successes
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