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The Client's challenge

The client company is the Finnish subsidiary of a French group operating worldwide . locally it is market leader , selling technical products wholesale . Once the customer bought product but now he is looking for ‘ solutions ‘. This change in buying behaviour drove the need for a new way of selling . ITC WS in Helsinki was asked to carry out a diagnostic assessment of the situation and of the sales team’s capability which found that sales personnel had only a superficial understanding of their customers and lacked the ability to sell real benefits.

The ITC WS programme

The development programme created by ITC WS had a number of objectives :
       to create a consistently customer orientated sales approach.
       to review customer segmentation and create a target customer          programme.
       to improve the understanding of customers’ business.
       to develop sales skills, enabling the sale of benefits and of          solutions.

The programme was implemented using live customer cases and included inputs which helped sales people to :
       assess the current situation.
       name target customers.
       to create an integrated operations model including customer          segmentation.
       understand how to work with customers.

It included a best practice day and close monitoring of subsequent sales.


Sales to target customers increased, on average , by 45% and in some cases up to 81% !

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