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Engaging at C-level
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The Client's challenge

Our client , a major international IT company , was seeking to roll out its global strategy in the Italian Small and Medium Business ( SMB ) sector ; namely to be perceived as a consultative , solution partner , not as a hardware provider . Execution of this strategy depended on the redirection of the SMB sales team , away from the traditional hardware pitch to IT management and towards General Managers , C F Os , Sales and Marketing Directors . New and demanding contacts .

The ITC WS programme

The solution proposed by ITC WS , Milan , focused on two areas :

000- Call preparation
000- Managing the "C- level" contact

The first step helped the sales executive to focus call preparation on researching the target company; beyond its IT requirements. It focused on how the new consultative approach might support the 'C-level' contact in reaching his or her goals be they, for example, managing the balance sheet, market research or more effective buying strategies. The output equipped sales executives to create a clear value proposition, the hook which would motivate the contact towards a meeting. The second step in this programme refocused sales skills to ensure that each meeting would fulfil the promise of the value proposition. Questioning aimed at engaging the 'C-level'‘ contact in discussing real goals. Presenting solutions which would support the target’s business strategy and deliver real ‘ business’ benefit.


Sales executives developed a new awareness and new levels of confidence . They contact targeted clients with energy and enthusiasm and the approach to ‘C- level’ contacts is winning new contracts.

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