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Knowledge Management
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The Client's challenge

The client. is a European leader in the manufacture and distribution of industrial equipment to the oil and gas, industry, water, and construction markets. The group headquarters is in Germany with the equipment division located and managed from France.
Manufacturing is located in France and Spain and a new facility recently opened in China.

A strategic review identified:

  • The looming prospect of a talent gap as the « baby boomer » generation of both technical and professional staff reaches retirement age.
  • A growing need for sharing competencies and experience between the three manufacturing sites.
  • The need to establish a process for Knowledge Management with supporting training for key staff.

The ITC WS programme

The client appointed ITC WS Paris, with which it had a strong existing relationship, to conceive, develop and deliver a consultancy & training programme designed to educate recruits at all levels in the company’s, values, business strategy and customer oriented supply chain as well as the importance of other factors including safety-encouraging people to work together through knowing « what is what and where » and « who is who ».


The programme has been piloted in the French manufacturing and sales units and will now be rolled out in other locations. Its scope has also been extended, to include a company wide Knowledge management Programme formalising and organising the cross fertilisation of competencies and best practice.

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