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* After M & A
* Engaging at C-level

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Tools and methods : group coaching

Fast moving , team centred organisations need leaders who can make sense of complexity and who thrive on change and demanding performance targets. ITC WS leadership development programmes help leaders at all levels to develop the skills confidence and sensitivity to motivate and support their team . They support the development of a flexible , agile and resilient style .

* Leadership is rightly seen as the custodian of the organisation’s vision but its impact is felt through the day to day interchange between those who choose to lead and those who are motivated to follow.

* We work with management teams , at all levels , to help them develop the vision and values of the organisation and to reflect those values in their day to day behaviour , particularly in their communication and influencing skills.

* ITC WS has helped top performing companies in different market sectors , locally and internationally , to support the development of their key people , giving them a proven and above all practical , springboard to better motivation and performance .

* Psychometrics;
* 360 degree workplace feedback profiling;
* Active learning
* Facilitated Learning
* Individual / group coaching

Consultative selling
Communication Management
Individual coaching